Report Hint At iPhone X Cancellation

After it was announced, people have been looking forward to getting their hands on the new Apple iPhone X. After it was released, it received mixed reviews and sales are not as what the company expected. In fact, sales of the latest smartphone offering of Apple were rather unsatisfactory.

The price of the new device was considered to be one of the reasons it did not perform well in the market as people have been looking to save. Despite this, the company was looking forward to duplicating the same level of sales of their previous device offerings.

But, the unsatisfactory sales figures may have prompted Apple to consider canceling the new iPhone X. This is based on a Daily Mail report. Experts think the notch on the device is the main reason for the disappointing figures of the device. A number of potential owners in China say the notch takes up a good section of space on the screen.

The notch on the smartphone contains the scanning sensors and cameras for its 3D feature. It also powers the Face ID feature of the phone that has yet to provide perfect results. This has caused the reduction of screen space at the top of the device. Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple KGI security analyst, said the interest on the previous models, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, were mainly due to its bigger usable screen space.

Kuo added that an iPhone X plus model will be introduced rather than offering a cheaper model for the iPhone X. This will result to the end of the original model of the smartphone. The sales figures of the iPhone X may appear to be impressive. But, JL Warren Capital expected shipments to reach 25 million units. The number is not impressive when it comes to Apple.

The tech company was able to sell 211.9 million smartphones for the 2016 fiscal year. So, the 25-million figure is not up to par, particularly when it comes to the huge market potential of China.

Despite this, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said he was still happy with the demand for the Apple iPhone X during last month’s trip to China. He may have alluded to the fact that share prices of the company have remained stable. If it does tumble, Apple would have a problem.

Industry watchers are expecting a critical advertisement from Samsung, the main rival of Apple, following the recent reports. And the brilliance of the last ad may presage a more cutting ad from the South Korean company.

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