New 146-Inch Samsung TV To Be Released Soon

As the saying goes, big is beautiful. This is evident in what we can see coming out in recent years. Large swords, monster trucks, humongous trees, countries, and even center backs like John Terry. The bigger the better as they say. The only exception to this rule is the satsuma. This small citrus fruit is way much delectable than the orange, which is bigger.

Samsung is aware of this and is set to release “The Wall,” the biggest television in the market. It was initially unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The name fits it to a tee. Its size essentially makes it an entertainment wall.

Samsung revealed that their new television features the micro LED display technology, which is considered as the screen of the future by the South Korean company. The company also said a microLED is a self-emitting television featuring LEDs at the scale of a micrometer as its light source. This shows that microLEDs are smaller compared to the LEDs available in the market.

The screen of The Wall is customizable to be used in different ways, including creating a display the size of a wall for several spaces. This is not easy to comprehend since the television is unimaginable. But, you should take into account two things.

First, the size of the television can be customized. All televisions can be essentially customized once your purchase them. This happens when you choose a large-size TV, medium-size TV or a small television. When it comes to The Wall, you can adjust the suit to make it fit a wall in your house.

Second, this is one unusually large television at 146 inches, which is 12.1 feet.

This is equivalent to the height of a baby giraffe or a small tree. It is even nearly as tall as two Peter Crouches. This is somewhat unthinkable. You can simply stand in awe at The Wall.

Unfortunately, it will cost a whole load of cash to buy this television. While the price and resolution of The Wall have yet to be released, it is expected to be in the area of tens of thousands.

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