Falcon Heavy Of SpaceX Launched Successfully Into Space

The successful launch of the most powerful rocket in the world paved the way for the next chapter in space travel. The Falcon Heavy doubles the lifting capacity of any other rocket currently available in the world.

The rocket, which is owned by SpaceX, rose into the skies from the Kennedy Space Center launch site in Florida. Aside from blasting into space, its boosters successfully landed back on the ground from the Earth’s orbit.

Everyone at the headquarters celebrated the historic moment as the rocket ascended into the skies. Its massive hull had a somewhat unusual item on its storage: a midnight-cherry Tesla Roadster. It may have been one way for Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, to elicit some laughs. Aside from being brought into space, “Space Oddity” of David Bowie’s will be playing while it heads its way to the orbit of Mars.

Musk revealed that the roadster will reach around 400 million kilometers from the Earth. He added it will be traveling at around 11 kilometers per hour. The car is estimated to be in an orbit of several million years or over a billion years.

The car will be playing one of the signature songs of Bowie that was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for over the next billion years. The Falcon Heavy also had a dummy strapped into the driver’s seat of the Tesla, according to BBC. In addition, the rocket will also carry some miscellaneous items to ensure weight is properly distributed.

The past failed rocket missions mean it will be risky for SpaceX to have a live crew during the maiden flight. The company did not want to take any unnecessary chances.

The successful launch of Falcon Heavy will herald in a new age in space travel. It will mean bigger satellites can be placed into orbit for the US intelligence and military services. This also provides the opportunity to send larger robots into Mars. It also means better telescopes can be launched into space to allow us to see the cosmos better.

Musk highlighted the significance of the launch of Falcon Heavy. He said if SpaceX successfully launches the rocket, it would mean the end of its competitors in the heavy-lift rocket market.

The ability of the rocket booster of Falcon Heavy to return safely back to Earth for reuse is the game changer. An animated look was released by Musk to show how the technology works. Experts were rather impressed with it. The reusable rocket boosters make the services of SpaceX cheaper and more efficient compared to its rivals, including Ariane 5 of Europe, Proton of Russia, and Delta IV Heavy.


Musk also said it is possible for them to increase the capacity of Falcon Heavy. He said they can increase its performance to a level higher than what it is right now. They can put in additional side boosters and make it the Falcon Super Heavy. It can provide a thrust of at least nine million pounds.

This makes the Falcon Heavy of SpaceX the most powerful rocket in history.

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