Cycling Fan Spotted With Her Top Off At The Giro D’Italia

One woman was spotted at the Giro d’Italia cycling race today with a – shall we say – novel approach to encouraging the cyclists on their way.

As the athletes rumbled on past down the road she was spotted with her top off, boobs out, cheering them on.

TV cameras were well positioned to catch an eyeful as the large group of cyclists passed her by, even Team Sky and Team GB’s Chris Froome passed within feet of her.

The Giro, which is one of the three biggest races in professional cycling, is starting in Israel this year, and the second stage (the first stage took place yesterday) has created headlines on and off the roads.

The internet certainly reacted exactly as you would expect to the unscheduled flashing by the side of the road.

Some have questioned whether or not the cameraman set up deliberately to catch the woman, others have asked whether she even knew that her top had gone so far up – I mean, you surely would notice, wouldn’t you?

There have been puns galore – One user said: “Oooo! Boobie Trap!” which is pretty much the best of the bunch.

Another said: “Just keeping you abreast of today’s major flash points…

“Wonder why the camera man set himself up for this shot?”

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

A third pointed out: “I thought tomorrow was the first breast day.”

Very good, guys. Very good indeed.

Anyway, in the actual cycling there was a second win in a row for Elia Viviani. The Quick-Step Floors rider powered through in the final bend to get across the finishing line first.

Rohan Dennis currently wears the pink jersey as the overall leader of the race, but there is still a long way to go.

Team Sky’s current Tour De France champion Chris Froome has entered the race despite the fact that he is still under investigation for a sample that he gave during last year’s tour.

He provided a urine sample that contained more than twice the amount of salbutamol – an asthma drug.

His presence on the starting line has caused a bit of a stir, as has the choice of location for the race’s start (known as the Grande Partenze) taking place in Israel.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

A spokesperson from human rights group Amnesty International said: “We’re not going to tell the organisers where they should and shouldn’t start the race,

“But the Jerusalem launch inevitably means Israel’s dismal human rights record is going to be in the spotlight.”

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