Apple Faces Two Lawsuits From iPhone Issue

Following the announcement by Apple that it was deliberately slowing down older versions of the iPhone, things have been rather rough.

The tech giant told Reuters that they released a feature last year for the iPhone 6, 6s, and SE to deal with “instantaneous peaks” whenever necessary to prevent unexpected shutdowns of the devices in these situations. This confirmed the suspicions of many iPhone owners.

The company added that it was extending the feature to the iPhone 7 running on iOS 11.2. They also plan to offer support for their other products in the future.

Many users were incensed after the news came out. They accused Apple of doing it to compel customers to upgrade. Some users have even filed a lawsuit against the company. Five customers filed a federal lawsuit against the company in Chicago. The lawsuit was for deceptive, unethical, and immoral practices that violated consumer protection laws.

The Chicago Sun indicated that the five persons claimed the updates were designed to slow down or to throttle performance speeds. These customers owned models from an iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7. The lawsuit further claimed that Apple unnecessarily compelled consumers to buy the newer and more expensive iPhone models even though they can still use their old phones with a replacement battery.

A lawyer, James Vlajakis, said it was important for corporations to realize that people are sophisticated. When they spend money on products, the products are expected to perform the way they are supposed to perform. But, Apple may have concealed and obscured the reason why older models slowed down.

A lawsuit was also launched by two University of Southern California students in California. The lawsuit had similar claims as the first lawsuit. The New York Magazine indicated that they are hoping to start a class action lawsuit. They will represent anyone who owns an iPhone model older than the iPhone 8.

The lawsuit also indicated that the implied contracts it made were breached by Apple when they failed to disclose properly that they were slowing down older models of the iPhone with the release of the newer models.

But, Apple said the slowdown was made to prevent random shutdowns of old phone models.

A company spokesperson revealed to the Verge that their goal is to provide the best experience for their customers. This includes prolonging the lifespan of the devices and overall performance.

The spokesperson added that lithium-ion batteries are not quite capable of dealing with peak current demands during cold conditions, low battery situations, or have aged over some time. This can cause the device to shut down unexpectedly to keep its electronic parts protected.

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