6 Places Where You Can Get Beauty Freebies Without Buying Anything

You may be itching to use the newest lipstick, hair mousse, or facial wash in the market. But, it may not be logical to spend a small fortune on a bottle of these products without even knowing if they are worth it.

Due to this, you may want to go to the nearest department store or beauty shop and get your hands on their samples. So, if you are thinking of getting these items while wondering if you should spend that much for these products or considering a trip to the store to bring home these goodies, you can try getting the samples first.

1. Nordstrom

You can find little sample containers at beauty counters of any Nordstrom store. The salespeople can give you a sample of their products before you buy them. These samples include facial mask, eye shadow, and even hair treatment. There are also smaller sample packages available offered by some brands. These are not only cute they are also great for travel. They are smaller than the requirement set by the TSA.

You can also snag three freebies when you buy items online at Nordstrom during checkout.

2. Sephora

Similar to Nordstrom, Sephora also gives you three free sample items each time you visit the store. They offer smaller versions of their products or you can squeeze, scoop, or pour small samples of the products into small containers.

You can also check out the free makeovers at Sephora. An expert can help you when you want to sample a product. The expert can assist you in getting the perfect look you want. In addition, their artists are also available to help you without having to pay anything.

3. Ulta

You can head over to Ulta for fee packets and minis in their store. Online purchases also allow you to choose free skincare or fragrance products. You can even get a variety sampler. Look for freebies offered by Ulta.

4. Aveda

Aveda gives a lot of free samples. Purchasing products personally allows you to get a lot of freebies while a $25 online purchase allows you to snag mini deluxe products for free. Some stores even offer free makeup application and 20-minute custom facials.

5. CVS

CVS also gives you a lot of free samples. Purchasing $15 worth of beauty products allows you to choose the MUA Makeup Academy High Shine Lipstick, Essence of Beauty body mist, or an Advanced Acne Spot Treatment.

6. The Body Shop

The website of The Body Shop gives free samples when you purchase something. Samples are even given even if your purchases are as small as $1. You may be interested in some of the beauty products offered by The Body Shop.

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