24 Tips For Busy People To Remain Healthy

The following are some things you can do to maintain your physical and mental health.

When you have a very busy schedule, it can be very challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Members of the Buzzfeed Community gave their insights on what they can do to ensure they remain healthy for the New Year. These are small yet practical things you can also do.

1. Remind yourself that it is not your job to make everybody happy.

Jenna said she is a typical people pleaser. So, whenever someone gets angry, she feels uncomfortable since she thinks she had something to do with it. After going through therapy, she learned that more often than not she was not at fault. She realized that she should not feel responsible for making other people happy. At times people should figure things out for themselves.

2. Keep away from people who have a negative effect on your mental health, or you can avoid trying to please them all the time.

Another reader said he avoid people who only caused stress in his life. It allowed him to significantly improve his mental health.

3. Go out of the house every day.

One reader found out that while she is comfortable staying inside the house, it made her depression worse. This became obvious during winter. So, she decided to go out of the house every day, even when it’s raining, her day off, or when she is sick. She would pass by Starbucks and visit the park. She would also buy some groceries. It became important for her to take a walk to get her blood pumping.

4. Take “no crap” from no one, and be responsible for yourself

This means no lying or hiding the truth. It also means you do not accept the same things from anyone. Amelia said she made a decision to become more open with her feelings. This decision improved her mental health. She was able to deal with her unhealthy habits when she started to be honest with herself. It also allowed her to see where she can improve and reflect on her life. While it was challenging, Amelia saw some improvements in herself.

5. Replace coffee, soda, juice, and alcohol with water and tea.

A reader would sometimes drink coffee and drink some alcohol on weekends. But, he cut back on soda and juice. This allowed him to feel better. He also started to like drinking water.

6. Stop diet soda consumption

Meaghan was not a fan of regular Coke, but she used to drink around five cans of Diet Coke every day. She said there were times she would only drink Diet Coke. But, she decided to stop drinking it a year ago. This decision made her feel better, and she does want to have another drop ever again. The first week was quite challenging as she started craving for it. Those days of craving have passed. While it may have been a small thing for some people, it was significant for her. Meaghan is now working on improving her overall physical health.

7. Use an app so you can slowly but surely acquire healthy habits

A reader revealed that when she turned 31 she decided to work on her health. But, she always found it challenging to maintain new habits. So, she looked for an app to help her. She discovered Fabulous, which encouraged her and maintain small healthy habits. The interface is user-friendly and it can be customized to the needs and goals of the user.

8. Perform simple workouts at home, including crunches or stretching exercises

Anna used to attend yoga classes three times each week. But, she started doing yoga exercises at home every day. These exercises may be simple stretching or full routines, and she feels great about it.

9. Minimize using sweet sauces and condiments, and stop it eventually.

A reader said she reduced her use of sauces and condiments each time she eats. This was particularly true when she goes out for dinner. She realized that she was using too much sauce on her food. It just added excessive amounts of sugar and calories into her diet.

10. Avoid adding sugar to your food

A reader revealed that she stopped using additional sugar in her food last May. She was considering it for some time, and she got motivated to do it after reading an article on BuzzFeed. She was able to realize that she can overcome sugar addiction. It also made her more conscious about the ingredients of her food. While she is not following a specific diet, she is considering and applying some healthy habits she learned along the way.

11. Keep away from crash diets and learn more about the food you are eating

Rebecca stopped a diet cycle she has been following for a number of years already. This move had a significant effect on her health. She is now living a happy life without being anxious about the food she has to avoid based on specific diets imposed by society. Rebecca now abhors these types of diets.

12. Increase your daily vegetable intake

Liz thinks you should add more vegetables to your diet. It may be one small salad every day or you can cook up a vegetable dish for dinner.

13. Set the snooze alarm for ten minutes every morning

While it may sound strange, another ten minutes of sleep in the morning allows you to become more relaxed. It also makes the morning less frantic for Rachel.

14. Focus on one thing at a time on your to-do list. Do not be too hard on yourself when you cannot finish it immediately.

One reader says you should avoid taking on all your problems simultaneously. She said she avoids being hard on herself when her progress is slow. She initially thought she was a failure since she was expecting to accomplish a lot and set impractical standards for herself. After taking things into consideration, she decided to take her time in dealing with issues. She praised herself for small things she was able to accomplish each day. This allowed her to have a healthier outlook on life.

15. Prioritize metal health, and seek professional help if necessary

Michele was able to find a psychiatrist who helped her in finding the best combination of medication to treat her bipolar and borderline personality. The psychiatrist is smart and gave her the confidence she needed. He also explained the different medications, therapies, and issues she is currently dealing with.

While she may still have a lot of work to do, she is on her way to improve her mental health in 2018.

16. Look for social media account to inspire you to live a healthier life

A reader said he followed @inspiralized and bought a multi-blade spiralizer. He also started to make more vegetable dishes and cut down on pasta in his diet. The recipes were easy to make and were delicious.

17. Do not go shopping for groceries while you are hungry

While it is small, Louisa said she always avoid shopping on an empty stomach. She realized that she would buy things she does not need when she shopped while she was hungry. When she shopped on a full stomach, it allowed her to have a healthier diet while saving some money.

18. Have some delicious yet healthy groceries you want to cook at home

Amelia saw an improvement in herself after she learned how to cook. She has a good inventory of frozen and canned food that she can cook in a number of ways. When she felt hungry, she would cook something up rather than go to the nearest fast food joint. While she still goes to the fast food once a week, at least she is off to a good start.

19. Start cooking your own meals. You can do this a couple of times each week

Zucchini "Enchiladas"

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Anne started to cook more at home. She did this since her mom, who has diabetes, is taking care of her grandmother. After her grandmother passed on, she continued to do most of the cooking at home. They still go out for lunch or dinner on some occasions. But, her change helped her mom to improve her blood sugar. The A1C and triglycerides of her mom also saw some improvements. Now, none of her siblings are pre-diabetic.

On the other hand, Amelia started watching a good amount of streamed cooking shows as well as subscribed to the newsletter of BuzzFeed Tasty. This allowed her to learn a lot of healthy cooking techniques.

20. Commit to cutting out something every week to reconnect with the people you are about

A reader started talking with her best friend every week. There were times when they talk about something serious and there were also instances when they talked about anything under the sun. This allowed her to reconnect with her best friend as well as clear her mind. It also gave her the chance to reflect on her life and create a support system for her and her best friend.

21. Make appointments with the doctor and go to them

Another reader said she normally does not go to the doctor when she gets injured or is sick. She also puts off her annual medical checkups. But, she started going to the doctor last year and is planning to continue doing this throughout the coming year.

22. Make a commitment to minimize visiting social media sites or deactivate it for some time to think about the effects of your habits on your life.

Kelsey said she deleted all her social media accounts. While it was not an easy thing for her to do, she felt better after she did it. It also allowed her to concentrate on her mental and physical health since she is not focusing on her phone anymore. This habit also had a negative effect on her eyes

23. Read up on macronutrients and include them when you plan your meals

A reader said he started to monitor his macronutrient intake. He also increased the number of fruits and vegetables in his diet. Doing this allowed him to have a healthier lifestyle.

24. Think about joining a gym and lift weights to increase your strength

A reader said he signed up for a gym membership for the first time in his life. He learned to use the equipment in the gym and improved the way he feels every day.

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